As part of our issue on Conscious Parenting, we organised a special talk on September 16, 2022 at Sri Aurobindo Society campus. Ms. Jayashree Ashok and Mr. B. Ashok, co-founders of Creative School, Bengaluru were invited to share some thoughts on the topic – “Conscious Parenting: Lessons Learned as Parent, Educator and Healer.”

A key theme emerging from the talk revolved around the need for parents to practice self-care and work on their own conscious development as integral beings because it is through their influence and example, they will shape their children’s growth journeys.

Ms. Jayashree and Mr. Ashok also emphasised on the way children serve as mirrors for the parents to help them dismantle their egos and egoistic preferences and ideas and prejudices. This, they said, is important for the transformation which is essential for constant inner growth and progress. The speakers shared several anecdotes from their own experience as parents of two grown-up daughters. They also shared examples from their work with parents at Creative school.

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Watch the recording:

To know more about the speakers’ work at Creative School, click HERE.

Photos and video recording: Shruti Ramteke and Ramajayam
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