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Editor’s note: The Mother once said that animals feel a spontaneous gratitude for an act of kindness towards them, whilst men, ninety-eight times out of a hundred, begin to reason and ask themselves what interest one could have in being good. Pointing this as one of the great miseries of mental activity, she added: “Animals are free from this and when you are kind to them they are grateful to you, spontaneously.” (CWM, Vol. 5, p. 239)

As part of this ‘Goodness’ issue, we feature a short documentary about an animal rescue and organic farm. This was submitted by a young professional working in the field of digital marketing and advertising. He completed this film as part of his studies in 2021 as a student at Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication (SACAC), New Delhi.

I did not grow up with pets in my family. But since childhood I have felt a great sense of compassion for animals. Whenever possible, I try to do whatever little I can to take care of a few stray dogs in my neighbourhood.

I once adopted a stray puppy, but due to some reason he couldn’t survive. Going through the pain of seeing him suffer and then losing him was not easy for me. I still remember the loving eyes with which he used to look at me. With him, it was as they say, love at first sight for me. During the few weeks I could spend with him, a beautiful bond had developed between us. I am grateful for the lessons this experience taught me about love, care and compassion.

About the documentary

When I first came to know about Peepal Farm, a small animal rescue farm founded by Robin Singh, I started following their work on social media. I was touched and inspired seeing this small group of dedicated individuals doing such good work.

In 2021, as part of my studies in the PG diploma in Advertising and Public Relations at Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication (SACAC), one of the assignments for my Visual Communication course required a field project . I took the opportunity to visit Peepal Farm near Dharmashala. My plan was to conduct some primary research there for making a short documentary.

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About 15 people live and work on Peepal Farm. I spent four days there, staying at a simple home-stay being run by one of the employees at the farm. My main interviewee was Robin Singh, one of the two co-founders of the farm. He shared about the philosophy guiding their work. I also had a chance to see with what care and compassion they look after the animals they rescue. Through my conversations there, I also learned how some of the modern marketing tools are being used creatively to financially support the core work of the Farm.

This short documentary presents some key findings from my fieldwork. I am grateful to Peepal Farm, especially Robin Singh for allowing me to visit and for sharing his insights with me.

~ Graphic design: Biswajita Mohapatra
~ Final video edit: Shruti Ramteke

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