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Dr. Beloo Mehra fell in love with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother sometime in the summer of 2004, though she is sure that this love was hiding somewhere deep inside way before then. On the intellectual side it was primarily the cultural, social and educational thought of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which first drew her in, but soon she realised not only the deep inter-connectedness between all aspects of Their Vision, but also the inherent Oneness behind all these many manifestations or expressions of their Divine Work. Dr. Mehra presently works as Senior Academic Mentor at AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society, and Editor of Renaissance. She writes regularly for several journals and magazines and also for her blogs. Her academic background includes degrees in Education and Economics, and she has extensive research and teaching experience at school and university level in India and the US.
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The One Who Fashions a Cosmos, and a Curl

The absolute Brahman manifests as the Ishwara, the one Eternal. It also manifests as the multiplicity of the One in the Jiva, the living creature. Thus creating the double aspect of Being and Becoming. What we call as the soul or psychic entity in the individual is an eternal portion of Brahman, the Ishwara. But what of the other parts in an individual which move, act, and grow in the plane of Ignorance? What of the world movements, the affairs of our lives and the struggles and conflicts therein? If all these are workings of the Nature, of which our human nature is an intrinsic aspect, what is the relation of Ishwara with the Nature? The current issue and the one following this will explore some aspects of the theme – Divine in Nature.

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Sri Aurobindo on Symbolism in the Veda

After exploring the theme of Yoga of Indian Nation, we do a deep dive into the soul of India, the Sanatana Dharma. The Veda, Sri Aurobindo tells us, is the bed-rock of Indian civilisation, and is the creation of an early intuitive and symbolic mentality. Inspired by this we explore in this issue the theme of symbolism in Sanatana Dharma.

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India, the Spiritual Battlefield of the World

In our ongoing series – Streams of Sadhana, we turn our attention to collective yoga this time – Yoga of the Indian Nation. India today is politically free. But is she also on her way to rediscover her unique temperament, her true role and mission? Are we as a people working toward a true Indian renaissance that is grounded in India’s eternal spirit and truths? The current issue explores some of these questions and more.

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