Narendra Murty

Narendra Murty is the author of two books Eating His Money: The Antics of a Metaphysical Clown and An Odyssey of the Mind: Journeys: in the Modern Mindscape. Both the books are available on Amazon. His third book, The Religion of Wonder, will soon be published by AuroPublications, Pondicherry. He is presently working as a volunteer for the Renaissance journal at Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry.
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In the Fire of Revelation – PART 1

In this two-part article, author Narendra Murty speaks of the higher ranges of consciousness beyond the intellect — inspiration, intuition and revelation — from where a Rishi receives knowledge. A Rishi is someone who sees and hears the Truth which he then expresses as Mantra. Using several insightful passages from Sri Aurobindo’s writings, particularly The Future Poetry, the author brings out Sri Aurobindo’s rishihood.     

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