BhāratShakti is a vertical of Sri Aurobindo Society, with its name and focus of work finding their source in the following inspirational words of Sri Aurobindo:

Each nation is a Shakti or power of the evolving spirit in humanity and lives by the principle which it embodies. India is the Bhārata Shakti, the living energy of a great spiritual conception, and fidelity to it is the very principle of her existence. For by its virtue alone she has been one of the immortal nations; this alone has been the secret of her amazing persistence and perpetual force of survival and revival.

~ Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, Vol. 20, p. 57


  • Rediscovery of the immortal Bhārata Shakti, the living energy, the force that is behind India’s persistence, survival and revival, which will lead her towards a new future, a renaissance that is true to her spirit, to her swadharma and swabhāva
  • Dynamic application of the inner genius of India, her spirituality, to life and all its activities necessary for the building of a new India.


It is more important that the thought of India should come out of the philosophical school and renew its contact with life, and the spiritual life of India issue out of the cave and the temple and, adapting itself to new forms, lay its hand upon the world.

~ Sri Aurobindo, Extract from an interview given to a correspondent of The Hindu

Guided by this new direction Sri Aurobindo has given for a true Indian renaissance, we at BhāratShakti have embarked on a mission:

  • To facilitate a deeper appreciation and understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of India’s destined work for the future of humanity
  • To design and curate inspiring educational programmes that emphasize the dynamic application of spirituality to life and all its activities necessary for the building of a new India
  • To create, curate and disseminate inspiring and research-based content related to what Sri Aurobindo speaks of as soul, mind and body of India’s rich and diverse culture
  • To evoke among the young and young-at-heart a great love for India, pride in India’s heritage and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future

The three broad areas (each with its several sub-areas) in which we primarily conduct research, in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision for India, world and the future, are:

Indian Cultural & Civilizational Heritage Contemporary IndiaEducation & Conscious Living

Renaissance, the online monthly journal is a key project undertaken by BhāratShakti.

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