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Editor’s note: The Mother once said: “In true courage there is no impatience and no rashness.” (CWM, Vol. 14, p. 170) Every time life throws us a challenge, or we recognise one of our faults or failings, our mistakes and our misperceptions, we must offer it all at the lotus feet of the Mother, and ask for her help and grace. Because only the Mother can grant us the courage and endurance needed to slowly overcome our limitations and weaknesses and get back on the path of transforming ourselves, bit by bit. A true heroic spirit is necessary for such work.

This poem by Imran speaks of the “steely serenity” that we need to cultivate to go calmly through the ups and downs of life. The poet also reminds us to take everything as a means to rise higher with a spirit of boldness and courage and devotion.


They say even steel bars have a right to feel the stretch
And strain of life as we all go towards the Unseen Future.
Life may deal many aces, but some turn to be a wretch
They leave us brooding and crying like any creature.

It’s all in the game of love you know. As Gibran says
That which causes you grief now can only have been
A past joy that lit you like the burning sun. Be dazed
And confused as you wonder at the dramas seen.

But just below the ripples, know that the Brook runs on
Calm and serene, gathering the rain, even the unclean.
Our hearts are made lighter as she passes by, won
Over by that poise — the essence, our hearts may glean.

The Lila or cosmic play knows no difference in quality
She uses characters without judging their past or action.
But to some people she grants a surefire steely serenity
Making them the Banyan that sets her will into motion.

Go on my dear banyan, let not circumstance weigh
You down. Cherish each moment with the emotion
It brings. Dare to journey high with that magic sleigh.
Your cause may seem tough, but fill it with devotion.

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