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Editor’s Note: We feature an incident narrated by Champaklal which reveals for us how the Mother, even without speaking a single word, educated a young boy to have a right attitude. This incident also shows how the Mother helps us in a loving way even though it may not be in the way we expect.

The selections are excerpted from the book ‘Champaklal Speaks’, pp. 158-159, published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry. We have made a few minor formatting changes for this digital presentation.

First, let us see how the Mother once described the meaning of ‘right attitude’ for an aspirant on the path of Integral Yoga.


The Mother’s Way

The Mother had a way of her own in awakening people, in teaching them to aspire and develop. You will find the following incident instructive from this point of view.


When the Mother opened the upstairs door, some boys came mad usual. She used to give flowers to all of them; to some she would give a rose in addition, putting it in their buttonhole herself or handing it to them; but to each she would select and give the rose. At times it would happen that the opening in which the rose had to be inserted would be too small but she would persist and spend a good deal of time over it. With some she would simply leave it there without making any further attempt to push it in.

This morning with one boy she put a rose in the pin but left it there without inserting it fully. The boy said something in French but I could not hear it; and even if I had heard, you know I would not have understood for I do not know French.

After they had left and the door was closed I wanted to know what had happened.

But there was some nervousness in me, a fear that she might tell me, “Mind your own business,” as she had told someone else, though never me. All the same I asked her the reason. With some the Mother behaved in such a way that the person would never be able to ask anything. That it was not so with me was due to her infinite Grace.

The Mother: “Generally I put the rose in his brooch because he likes it that way. He said he had forgotten to pin it on. But I know he did not pin it today on purpose. I know also that after going from here he throws the flower away. Some boys keep the flower till the evening, some keep all the time. I see this in the Playground.”

C: “Mother, why does he act like that?”

Mother: “Resentment. He expresses his protest in this way.”



The same boy came in the morning with his brooch nicely pinned. It was so well arranged that Mother could have easily inserted a rose in it. But she did not do so. Instead she gave the usual flower in his hand. He tarried awhile looking at the place where the Mother had kept the roses but he did not specifically ask for one though it was obvious he wanted it. But to no avail. He had to go away without a rose.

After closing the door I asked the Mother.

C: “Mother, today the boy came with the brooch neatly arranged so that you could put a rose in it very easily.”

The Mother: “Yes, I noticed it. I did not put one purposely. I take note of everything.”



Today as soon as the boy came the Mother caught hold of both his hands and spoke to him in French very affectionately. And without his asking she put a rose into his broach. His whole approach had been different.

It was an education for me to see how she helped him to come with the right attitude without speaking a word.


– Champaklal (From ‘Champaklal Speaks’, pp. 158-159)

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