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Editor’s note: The poet submitted a personal note accompanying the poem. Relevant excerpt from that note, with slight editorial corrections, is also included here because it speaks perfectly of the issue’s theme — Aspiration.


Aspiration is the key to accelerating our evolution. Agni, the psychic fire within manifests in us as will for progress — progress towards perfection, truth, goodness, beauty, delight, freedom, harmony; in short, a thirst to realise the Divine.

By the word Divine is meant the ultimate perfection, eternal and absolute truth, true goodness, perfect beauty, eternal delight, complete freedom, and unchanging harmony. All these are many aspects of our One True Source, the Source of all things in existence, One in whom All exists and yet One who is Beyond all Existence.

This flame of aspiration is there in everyone, deep in the psychic center within. But in the majority, and for a long time, it is veiled deep within and works from behind the veil. Their life unfolds and evolves slowly through what appears as a process of chance and random mutations. In others, and after a long preparation, it comes out of the veil and leads them from the front, gently and consciously, toward fulfilling their true purpose in life. Such unfolding happens with a clear sense of purpose and joy.

The flame of aspiration, the psychic fire grows every day, burning bright every moment, moving towards its luminous goal, from perfection to greater perfection, from delight to greater delight. The delight today expresses itself in these lines I write.

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सिर्फ तुम हो, माँ, सिर्फ तुम

हर लफ्ज में तुम हो, 
हर बात में तुम हो, 
इस दिल में तुम हो, 
जज्बात में तुम हो।

मेरी गज़ल भी तुम हो, 
रुबाई भी तुम हो, 
कागज़ पर बिखरी हर 
रोशनाई भी तुम हो।

मेरी नज़्म की हर 
रवानी में तुम हो,
रोज़ बनती इस
कहानी में तुम हो।

देर रात तक जागती
इन आँखों में तुम हो,
हरदम लेती इन
सांसों में तुम हो।

मेरी सोच में तुम हो,
मेरे ख्वाब में तुम हो, 
मेरी दुनियाँ भी तुम हो,
ये कायनात भी तुम हो।

शब-ओ-रोज़ बदलते
ये हालात भी तुम हो, 
इन आँखो में बसा 
मयखाना भी तुम हो।

मेरी दुआ में तुम हो,
फरियाद में तुम हो,
इन आँखों में रोशन 
माहताब में तुम हो।

सिर्फ तुम हो, माँ
सिर्फ तुम।

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