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Without a grand welcome, red carpet or an ovation,
Draped in white, she graced the occasion.
Bereft of jewels, a tiara or a necklace
Only the silvery moon lit her divine face.
As the sentry stopped her, she smiled and talked
And immediately her path was unblocked.
Her words were measured, simple and polite-
In the luxurious backdrop, a contrasting sight!

At the unwelcome guest, many mocked in jest,
Something about her was just difficult to digest.
Who could come to a Royal Palace, so bare?
To stand amongst the finest, would anyone dare?
Ignoring the stares she walked with the warmest smile
For her immaculate nature none could defile.
Towards the throne, she marched with a gait confident
In the richly decorated palace, a symbol defiant.

All eyes in panic now darted towards the king,
Even the choir froze and ceased to sing.
Suddenly in the hall, a hush of silence fell,
How the king  would react, none could tell!
The moment he saw her, he rose from his seat
Their eyes met, with a nod he acknowledged to greet
Hands outstretched, he proclaimed, inviting her near
“Her majesty, Simplicity, Queen of qualities, is here.”

(A poem inspired by the Mother’s story titled ‘The Virtues’)

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