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Editor’s note: In the first poem, the poet reminds us of the beautiful dreams that children are capable of dreaming. Theirs are the dreams of a better world, a glorious future. As parents and caregivers we must never hold them back from their flight to those heights where they may see their dreams become reality.

The second poem speaks of the parents’ aspiration to bring down a conscious soul on earth, and also of children being the precursor to a new race.



Go to sleep my baby, dream on my dearest love,
Run and laugh as you look to the skies above.
Will you one day show us what it means to care,
As we hold on to the promise of days with fresh air?

I remember cradling you and singing out loud
Chasing away the bad dreams that had you cowed.
Won’t you rise up and show us the way forward?
As the heavens burst into song and we head toward

A magnificent future, as we build brick by brick.
Ah! images that swirl in our heads, lush and thick.
Baby, hold my hand; the past dark days now gone
Smile you sweetly then, and determinedly lead us on.

I wonder at the march of evolution that leads
Humanity from the mire all the way up to the clouds.
Patient and vigilant, as we look up and watch the rain
Come down as we hum the bars of this life’s refrain.

Friends you will have who will brighten your day
As the dawn breaks through the clouds and we sway.
Remember us as you journey to lands wide and fair,
Breathe in deeply as the Earth washes away the care.

Child as a Role Model and a Precursor of New World


Spirit Kindred

I’ll need to be mindful and spirited if I am to bring
A child into this world, one who’d mellifluously sing.
You know, there’s a new kind of painting on the wall
That adds a new flavour to our tales, helps us stand tall.

Am I talking of our divine future with angelic children?
Truly angelic in that they carry a spark of the divine.
A spark more bright than even our generations did.
One which will help them build a future more splendid.

I insist that you dream on, dear mothers and fathers,
Strive to be conscious through all, be as worthy tethers,
That will bring your children safely past the point
Of callousness, rather into the light where they’d anoint

Themselves as they dive into new waters unexplored.
Now, in the present, I’m a young man with spirit kindred,
Who looks to marry someday and be busy raising
A beautiful family, with a wife that keeps me thinking.

I guess I chose always to live deliberately and suck out
All the marrow from life as I gleefully live and shout.
I’m still conscious of the present and every move is
Consecrated to the Gods who’d grant me utter bliss.

. . . the individuals who will most help the future of humanity in the new age, will be those who will recognise a spiritual evolution as the destiny and therefore the great need of the human being, an evolution or conversion of the present type of humanity into a spiritualised humanity, even as the animal man has been largely converted into a highly mentalised humanity.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 2, p. 165

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~ Design: Raamkumar

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