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The Indian Nation and Unity in Diversity

These passages highlight some of Sri Aurobindo’s insights on the true nature of Indian nation towards which we must aspire and work. The specific focus is on the point that the idea of unity in diversity is inherent in the very nature of Indian idea of nation. We also get important hints in these passages on the Hindu spirit of Indian nationalism, a topic that is very timely and significant for today’s and tomorrow’s India.

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Sri Aurobindo on Religion as the Law of Life

This selection from Sri Aurobindo’s book ‘The Human Cycle’ explores why in human history religion has not been a sufficient guide for conducting individual and collective life. He also tells us that this need not be so if we understand the true nature of religion, which is its spiritual core.

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Indian Cultural Wisdom on Money

In our ‘All Life is Yoga’ series, after taking up the topics of conscious parenting, education, work and human relationships, we now focus on Money. What is the nature of money? What is the yogic attitude toward money? What does Indian tradition say about this? What are some key insights from the works and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother which we must keep in our consideration as we navigate this tricky area of material well-being for ourselves and our societies and nations, and also prepare ourselves for higher pursuits of life? These and other related questions are addressed through our offerings in this issue.

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