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Sri Aurobindo once said that for a true resurgence of Indian spirit, the recovery of the old spiritual knowledge and experience in all its splendour, depth and fullness is our first, most essential work. This recovery is not to be confined to intellectual or mental sphere. It must become a living force guiding all aspects of our life.

The Mother reminds us there are no two separate lives – spiritual life and ordinary life. Thus all life and works are to be taken up in the spirit of sādhanā.

This has been the eternal and inmost significance of Indian spirituality since millennia. And this has to become once again the main inspiring motive-power for a new India – new because it is a rebirth of the timeless Indian spirit.

Outer work has true meaning only when it becomes a means to progress inwardly in our consciousness, when it is done as sādhanā, as an offering to the Divine.

For our Sādhanā series this month, we highlight a prayer from the Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, which instills in one an aspiration to give oneself to the Divine in peace, serenity and equanimity for Divine’s work to be done.

This somnolence of my thought, O Lord, Thou wilt shake off so that I may have the knowledge and understand the experience Thou hast given to my being. When something in me questions Thee, always Thou repliest, and when it is necessary for me to know something, Thou teachest it to me, whether directly or indirectly.

I see more and more that all impatient revolt, all haste would be useless; everything is slowly organised so that I may serve Thee as I should. What is my place in this service? For a long time I have stopped asking myself this. What does it matter? Is it necessary to know whether one is at the centre or on the circumference? Provided that entirely consecrated to Thee, living only for Thee and by Thee, I carry out better and better the task Thou givest me, all the rest has no importance at all.

I would say more: provided Thy work is accomplished in the world as well and as completely as it can be, does it matter which individual or group realises this work?

O my sweet Master, in peace, serenity, equanimity, I give myself to Thee and merge in Thee, my thought calm and tranquil, my heart smiling; Thy work will be done, I know, and Thy victory is certain.

O my sweet Master, grant to all the sovereign boon of Thy illumination!

~ The Mother (CWM, 1: 141)

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