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Sri Aurobindo once said that for a true resurgence of Indian spirit, the recovery of the old spiritual knowledge and experience in all its splendour, depth and fullness is our first, most essential work. This recovery is not to be confined to intellectual or mental sphere. It must become a living force guiding all aspects of our life.

The Mother reminds us there are no two separate lives – spiritual life and ordinary life. Thus all life and works are to be taken up in the spirit of sādhanā.

This has been the eternal and inmost significance of Indian spirituality since millennia. And this has to become once again the main inspiring motive-power for a new India – new because it is a rebirth of the timeless Indian spirit.

Outer work has true meaning only when it becomes a means to progress inwardly in our consciousness, when it is done as sādhanā, as an offering to the Divine.

For our Sādhanā series this month, we highlight a prayer from the Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, which reminds us to pray for a generous heart and boundless love to permeate the sorrowful earth with love and mercy.

O my sweet Master, enter into all these confused thoughts, all these anguished hearts; kindle there the fire of Thy divine Presence. The shadow of the earth has fallen back upon it, it has been completely shaken by it; but this shadow was hiding Thy immutable sun, and now that it has crashed down upon this poor world, rocking its very foundations and transforming it into a formidable chaos, wilt Thou not once again move upon the chaos and speak Thy will: “Let there be Light”?

O Thou marvellous Unknown One, Thou who hast not yet manifested Thyself, Thou who awaitest the propitious hour and hast sent us upon earth to prepare Thy ways, all the elements of this being cry to Thee, “May Thy will be done” and give themselves to Thee in a supreme, unconquerable urge….

Envelop this sorrowful earth with the strong arms of Thy mercy, permeate it with the beneficent outpourings of Thy infinite love.

I am the powerful arms of Thy mercy.

I am the vast bosom of Thy boundless love. . . My arms have enfolded the sorrowful earth and press it tenderly to my generous heart; and slowly a kiss of supreme benediction is laid upon this struggling atom: the kiss of the Mother which soothes and heals….

~ The Mother, CWM, 1: 221

~ Design: Raamkumar

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