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Be honest towards yourself — (no self-deception).
Be sincere towards the Divine — (no bargaining in the surrender).
Be straightforward with humanity — (no pretence and show).

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 14, p. 70



Incomplete vision leads to wrong judgements and wrong results

It is the present ignorance and obscurity in the world that give a deforming appearance to the divine Action; and that naturally must tend to disappear; but it is also true that there is a way of seeing things which . . . gives another meaning to their appearance — the two are there, like this (gesture of intermixture).


You always come back to this, that man’s judgment is wrong — wrong because his vision of things is wrong, is incomplete — and necessarily this judgment must have wrong results.

The world is perpetually changing, perpetually; not for a second is it like itself, and the general harmony expresses itself more and more perfectly; therefore nothing can remain as it is and in spite of all appearances to the contrary, the whole is always constantly progressing; the harmony is becoming more and more harmonious, the truth becoming more and more true in the Manifestation.

But to see that, one must see the whole, and man sees only. . . not even the human domain, but only his personal domain, quite small, quite small, microscopic —  he cannot understand.

It is a double thing that is going on completing itself (same gesture of intermixture) and with a mutual action: as the Manifestation becomes more conscious of itself, its expression perfects itself, becomes also more true. The two movements go together.


. . . when the Manifestation will have sufficiently emerged out of the Inconscient so that all this necessity of struggle, created by the presence of the Inconscient, becomes progressively more and more useless, it will disappear quite naturally, and progress, instead of being made through effort and struggle, will begin to be made harmoniously.

That is what the human consciousness foresees as a divine creation upon earth — it will still be only one step. But for the present step, it is a kind of harmonious attainment that will change the universal progress (which is ceaseless) into a progress through joy and harmony instead of a progress through struggle and suffering. . . .

. . . Contradictions always come from the inadequacy of vision and the incapacity to see a thing from all points of view at the same time.

In any case, to bring the question down to earth, no sage at any time, I think, has ever said: “Be good, and all will go well with you externally”— because it is a stupidity. In a world of disorder, in a world of falsehood, to hope for that is not reasonable.

But you can have, if you are sufficiently sincere and whole and entire in your way of being, you can have the inner joy, the full satisfaction, whatever the circumstances, and that nobody and nothing has the power to touch.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 11, pp. 75-77


Working with Others

To recognise the presence of a “disharmonious atmosphere” is useful only so far as it wakes in each one the will to change it into a harmonious atmosphere and to do that the first important step is for each one to get out of his own limited point of view in order to understand the point of view of others. It is more important for each one to find the mistake in himself than to insist on the mistake of others.

I add that all those to whom I have given responsibility in the work are expected to be faithful to this responsibility and, without allowing of any “hurt feeling” to creep in, do their best to carry on successfully their duty.

My blessings are with all those who are sincere and have goodwill.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 14, p. 310

When one has work to do for a community, to take a decision for personal motives and to abandon one’s work is a serious mistake.

You mention faults committed which cannot be corrected: this is wrong. Any fault can be corrected if you sincerely set to work to correct yourself. To run away from the progress to be made is an act of cowardice and I cannot approve of it.

First of all make a sincere and complete confession of faults committed.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 14, p. 312

The vital of some people calls always for confusion and disharmony, petty quarrels and confusion; they generally have also a kind of mania of perfection and believe that everybody is against them. To cure that is most difficult and requires a radical transformation of the nature.

The best when dealing with them is not to mind the reactions and go on doing what one has to do with simplicity and sincerity.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 14, p. 280   

Employer-Employee Relationship:

(Mother reads a note she wrote in connection with a quarrel at the Ashram’s handmade paper factory:)

The Employer to the Employee

“Nothing lasting can be established without a basis of trust. And this trust must be mutual.

“You must be convinced that it is not only my good that I am aiming at, but also yours. And on my side I must know and feel that you are here not merely to profit but also to serve.

“The welfare of the whole is dependent on the welfare of each part, and the harmonious growth of the whole is dependent on the progress of every part.

“If you feel you are exploited, then I too will feel you are seeking to exploit me. If you fear that you may be deceived, then I too will feel you are seeking to deceive me.

“It is only in honesty, sincerity and trust that human society can progress.”

It’s just the opposite of the Communist theory — all the Communists preach to them: “If you have the least trust in your employer, you are sure to be deceived and to become miserable; doubt, lack of trust and aggression must be the basis of your relationship.” It’s just the opposite of what I am saying.

(Mother’s conversation with a disciple on 18 Mar. 1964)


How to Best Serve Your Country

Can you name our [India’s] saddest failure? On what grounds do you regard it as so tragic?

Insincerity. Because insincerity leads to ruin.

(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 13, p. 359)

It is by being sincere, courageous, enduring and honest that you can best serve your country, make it one and great in the world.

(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 13, p. 352)

You have said in one of Your messages: “The number one problem for India is to find back and manifest her soul.” How to find back India’s soul?

Become conscious of your psychic being. Let your psychic being become intensely interested in India’s Soul and aspire towards it, with an attitude of service; and if you are sincere you will succeed.

(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 12, p. 312)

The Attitude of a True Politician

If one were a man who did not accept any kind of compromise, one could not remain in politics; one would quite simply be pushed out by the very force of things. There will be a time when all this will change, but not yet. Politics is perhaps the last thing which will change. There are many others which must change before. It is certainly one of the most recalcitrant things.

There are two things which it is very difficult to change: finance and politics; the field of money and the field of government are the two points where man is weakest and most attached to falsehood. So, probably, transformation will come there last of all. One can hope for a social transformation, an economic transformation, a transformation of education; one can hope for all this long before the transformation of politics and of finance.

I wrote this precisely to show people what the real state of the world is, and to give an indication of the way to get out of it. But when we are at the point of coming out, you will see that it is not so easy.

Perhaps the first thing that will be transformed will be the scientific world, it is possible; because there a very great sincerity is required and a very persevering effort, and these already are qualities which open for you the door to a higher life. . . .

(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 7, pp. 297-98)

See – Sincerity and Politics

The earth will enjoy a lasting and living peace only when men understand that they must be truthful and sincere even in their international dealings.

For the Governments honesty lies not only in saying what they are doing but also in doing what they say.

(The Mother, CWM, Vol. 15, p. 58)          


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Sincerity and Religion

When Mother was asked to explain the meaning of “abyss” in the 1967 New Year message “Men, countries, continents! The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss,” Her reply, dated May 26, 1967, was the following:

Right now there is a great tension. They have all taken positions as if to start war. It is the blind passion that men put into their international relations.

At the base of it all there is fear, general distrust, and what they believe to be their “interests” (money, business)—a combination of these three things. When these three lowest passions of humanity are brought into play, that is what I call “the abyss.”

When someone has decided to consecrate his life to the seeking for the Divine, if he is sincere, that is to say, if the resolution is sincere and carried out sincerely, there is absolutely nothing to fear, because all that happens or will happen to him will lead him by the shortest way to this realisation.

That is the response of the Grace. People believe that the Grace will make everything in their life easy for them. It is not true.

The Grace works for the realisation of your aspiration and everything is arranged to gain the most prompt, the quickest realisation—so there is nothing to fear.

Fear comes from insincerity. If you want a comfortable life, agreeable circumstances, etc., and you put conditions and restrictions, then you can fear.

But it has no business in the sadhana!

(Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 8, p. 151)

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