“Towards a New Renaissance: Cultivating Soul-values” is a FREE E-book available through Auropublications, the publications wing of Sri Aurobindo Society. It weaves together selected insights from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on twelve qualities from the Mother’s symbol and presents them in the context of original write-ups by the author. These write-ups were first composed as editorials for twelve issues of Renaissance.

Sri Aurobindo spoke of these twelve attributes or soul-values as being necessary for the full manifestation of the Mother’s Work: Sincerity | Humility | Gratitude | Perseverance | Aspiration | Receptivity | Progress | Courage | Goodness | Generosity | Equality | Peace

This eBook collates twelve issues of Renaissance — from August ’21 to July ’22 — by compiling their editorials (appropriately revised by the author) and at the same time, listing out all the content published in each of the issues. With just a single click on the title the reader will be able to access the relevant feature on the journal website. This will help readers get a better appreciation of how each of the twelve attributes was explored as a means for inner and outer growth at individual and collective levels. 

Free Download available HERE.

Also available in .ePub and .mobi versions for Kindle.

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For more free downloadable E-books by Sri Aurobindo Society, visit: https://auropublications.org/free-e-books/

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