In this recorded lecture, Dr. K. Parameswaran reminds us that all multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches to knowledge creation through research recognise the need to synthesise various branches of knowledge. But they still manage to integrate different streams of knowledge at the external level.

All these approaches fail to go to the source of knowledge – that original source from which all knowledge, all existence proceeds. This can only be accessed when we bring in the most important dimension – that is the spiritual dimension of our existence and reality.

Taking help from Sri Aurobindo’s definition of spirituality the speaker emphasises that by awakening to a greater reality, one’s approach to research also undergoes a big shift because one is now in touch with deeper layers of oneself which opens new methodologies and ways of knowing.

Dr. Parameswaran also gives some specific examples from legal education and the field of law and justice to illustrate the deeper impact of awakening to a greater reality.

Listen to the full lecture here:

About the speaker:

Dr K. Parameswaran is an Associate Professor of Law & Former Dean of Academics at Gujarat National Law University, Gujarat, with more than 20 years of teaching and research experience, and conducts practical Training-Workshops for Teachers, Law-students, Advocates, Judges, Corporates & Professionals across India regularly.

He is presently serving as a Board Member of Auroville Foundation under MHRD, Govt. of India. He brings core spiritual, practical & peace values in education & research and writes regularly on contemporary issues keeping Sri Aurobindo’s integral knowledge and practice for individual and collective developments.

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