We begin by invoking the words of the Mother about the true purpose of art.

In this recorded lecture, painter and sculptor, Ms. Rainy Krishnan shares with us some inspiring ideas about what makes Indian vision of art unique and at its highest, deeply spiritual in its origin and purpose. Taking illustrative examples from various strands of thought espoused by great seers and sages as well as aestheticians in Indian cultural tradition, Ms. Krishnan tells us that the essence and delight of Indian art can only be experienced by turning inwardly – both by the artist and the connoisseur. 

Watch the lecture:

About the speaker: Rajny Krishnan is an artist practicing in Chennai. As a sculptor and painter, her themes are primarily inspired by spiritual and ecological consciousness. She has a forte for realism and thus portraiture has been her means of observing the human state. She has taught at several higher education institutes including IIT Madras, and is the founder of Krishna Nupur Cultural Trust, a registered non-profit foundation to encourage art, art therapy, craft and culture among children and challenged people. Some of her works viewed at www.rajnykrishnan.com

One of Rajny Krishnan’s meditative writings was featured earlier on Renaissance – An Artist’s Meditation: On Space, Art and Experience. Do check it out.

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