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Editor’s note:

In January of 1961, a teacher working with children of ages 7 to 9 at the Ashram school, wrote to the Mother seeking specific help. She was having difficulty working with the children who were either restless or talkative, or were simply not interested in study. To her specific questions on how to keep the children calm and quiet, the Mother gave specific guidance.

But I wish to highlight here the Mother’s response to the question – What should be done so that Mother can act in the class? Her reply gives us important hints on how to invoke Her Grace every time we are faced with a difficulty.

She wrote to the teacher:

There is nothing, no method, no process, which is bad in itself; everything depends on the spirit in which it is done.

If you want my help, it is not by accepting one principle of action and rejecting another that you can have it, but by concentrating before the class, by establishing silence and peace in your heart (and in your head too, if possible) and by calling my presence with a sincere aspiration that I should be behind all your actions, not in the way you think that I would act (for that can only be an arbitrary opinion and therefore necessarily wrong), but in silence and calm and inner spontaneity. This is the only true way of getting out of your difficulty.

And until you are able to achieve this, do your best quietly and perseveringly, according to your own capacities and the circumstances, with simplicity and without tormenting yourself.

The Grace is always there with anyone who wishes to do well.

~ The Mother, CWM, Vol. 12, pp. 333-334

What was communicated to the specific teacher applies to all of us.

Let us aspire in all sincerity to never forget to invoke Her Presence as we take up any work and remember that it is the Mother alone who is doing it all. The poem we received as submission for the current issue reminds us powerfully of the truth that all is indeed possible with the Grace of the Mother.

Grace of the Mother

All creation reflects the Grace of nature 
The mother of Universe ādi shakti commands
And all beauty manifests in flowers or creatures. 

Man as thinking creature boasting power
Gets nosedived the moment Shakti desires
And whole world screaming for that saviour. 

The Mother bestows her love for protection 
She is the one who asks for stepping back
That’s how humanity is guided on earth. 

This is the moment to bow down and pray
For the Grace of the Mother Divine on earth 
As humanity needs generosity for every hearth. 

Gratitude is the only way one gets to right path
In the utter confusion of existence of matter
Ego overshadowing all wisdom and clairvoyance. 

Let us connect with her enlightened soul 
Love for all brings sanity in humanity 
Grace the hour of awakening with humility. 

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