Nithin Sridhar

Nithin Sridhar is based in Mysore and passionately writes about various issues from development, politics, and social issues, to religion, spirituality and ecology. He is currently pursuing Masters in Philosophy from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He is Editor of IndiaFacts, an online portal focused on Indian history, culture and philosophy.
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Excerpts from the Book – “Īśopaniṣad: An English Commentary”

Editor’s note: For our Book of the Month, we bring for our readers a few excerpts from Nithin Sridhar’s latest book ‘Īśopaniṣad: An English Commentary’ published by Subbu Publications (2021). Don’t miss Nithin Sridhar in a conversation with Renaissance team on the topic – Dharma, Shastra and Future Society, included in this issue. Foreword to […]

Excerpts from the Book – “Īśopaniṣad: An English Commentary” Read More »

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